Villas in Ciputra

Villas in Ciputra hanoi offers 03 to 06 bedrooms furnished and unfurnished villas. Available amenities: fitness centre, swimming pools, playgrounds, golf, tennis court, mini marts, K-mart etc., schools are: UNIS, Singapore International School, and Hanoi Academy school. Ciputra Hanoi offers hundreds property rentals, It is save, quiet  and is one of the best Quality Living Environment in Hanoi City. It's very safe children to play outside and kids to run around and play or ride their bikes. It is recommended for any family has kids. There's one overly priced tiny western supermarket there, and one restaurant, with a fancy westernized menu and inflated prices for their average tasting fare. The streets are empty, except for those giant horses towering down over you. It kind of feels like a giant rain cloud is about to open over the place. Really, its a huge ghetto for rich people. Just tell me your requirements of the property you are looking for, we will select a number suitable homes in Ciputra Hanoi from our large updated database for you to visit, we are sure to find your right home in a shortest time.

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