Villas in C Block Ciputra

Villas Ciputra Hanoi for Rent in C block including C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C7: 03 stories, 04 to 06 bedrooms, 04 bathrooms, big courtyard, garage, with the land area of 198msq, 217msq, 250msq, 330msq. The complex consists of Courtyard and garden. From the entrance gate, proceed along the road flanked by two rows of beautiful trees. Pause in front of a light yellow Villa with large windows and spotless white curtains, surrounded by lush green grass. A flagstone path leads you up the three steps to the front door and home of your back after the stressful working hours. All the premium and serviced Villas with distinctive integrated facilities can be found only at Ciputra Hanoi. Villas Ciputra Hanoi for Rent hundreds property rentals, It is save, quiet and is one of the best Quality Living Environment in Hanoi City. It's very safe children to play outside and kids to run around and play or ride their bikes. It is recommended for any family has kids. There's one overly priced tiny western supermarket there, and one restaurant, with a fancy westernized menu and inflated prices for their average tasting fare. The streets are empty, except for those giant horses towering down over you. It kind of feels like a giant rain cloud is about to open over the place. Really, its a huge ghetto for rich people.

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